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May 3, 2008

Turn again, Boris, Dickhead of London

Nearly three years ago, when I was posting on Liberal Street Fighter, I did three posts in one day about the events of 7th July 2007, and a followup post the next day. (Hint: the post that refers to “my wife Hope” – is not me. I do not have a wife.)

It probably is time Ken Livingstone quit being Mayor of London, splendid though his record’s been: eight years is long enough.

Brian Paddick would have been a better choice, though. Anyone would have been a better choice than Boris Johnson. There’s a PDF here – a report from Compass – that shows the real Boris Johnson, not the clown who is quite funny on Have I Got News For You, not the floppy-haired buffoon, but the hard right-winger.

There’s a thumbnail sketch of his politics after the LJ-cut, but more to the point: Boris Johnson won the election as a George W. Bush clone – as a good bloke who means well and is a bit thick, does it matter? A lot of people also probably voted for him because they would have voted for any Tory: some may have voted for him because they’re homophobic (Brian Paddick is gay: Ken Livingstone is strongly supportive of equality for LGBT people).

Boris Johnson’s qualifications for being Mayor of London are his past experience being an MP and running a weekly magazine. Oh, and he does well on talk shows.

Ken Livingstone was a great Mayor. The best anyone can hope for Boris Johnson is that no disaster happens while he’s in office, and that he is not able to put his political goals into practice while running London.


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