Jesurgislac’s Journal

January 7, 2009

Dig up your moral standards, Von…

…now you’ve got a use for them.

In which Von discovers he cares about the misapplied use of the death penalty.

Faced with Democratic majorities in Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House, Von has dug up his moral standards and is polishing them for use.

Curiously enough, Von’s declared concern for the misapplication of the death penalty apparently did not apply with regard to 152 executions authorised by George W. Bush. At least, not to the extent that would have led Von to actually blog about these actions by his white Republican President, as he has just done about a black Democrat appointed to be junior Senator for Illinois.

I wonder how long it will take after Barack Obama is inaugurated, before pundits who considered Bush and Cheney’s crimes too trivial to pursue, are calling for President Obama to be impeached?

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