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September 10, 2008

Sorry: I was wrong to mention Trig

I’ve had a computer crash at work, and have been running to catch up with myself for a week, but now I’m sort of clearer-headed and feeling less despairing. (Besides, the world is not going to end today. Pass it on.)

It annoyed me throughout the primaries that sensible bloggers who opposed Hillary Clinton were picking up on sexist attacks in the media rather than writing about the important issues.

And the same thing happened here with Trig Palin. The more I think about it, the more I think it wasn’t relevant – that the reason why the “scandal” degenerated rapidly into nasty comments about Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter was because the motivation for bringing up how/where Trig Palin was born as an attack on Sarah was intrinsically sexist – and I should have figured that out a lot sooner than I did. Sorry about that.

Sarah Palin was a hopelessly bad pick for VP by a hopelessly bad choice for President. That hasn’t changed.

I’ve been trying to find the classic recipe for mushroom roast that I haven’t made since the last time I had to make the vegetarian option for a Christmas dinner for 18 (it was about 7 years ago). Will post it when I find it.


August 31, 2008

Why wasn’t Trig born in Texas?

Sarah Palin: A dangerous and intelligent choice? Hm. Well. I’ve seen enough already to know that lots of supposedly-progressive people are going to attack her on sexist grounds – as one of Avedon Carol’s commenters notes:

A brilliant pick not because she’s going to win over all those Hillary voters but because she gives the Dems an opportunity to remind women that not everyone who hates us has a (R) after their name.

This is going to be so much fun – racism from the right, sexism from the left. America rocks!

Given there is enough to attack Palin on about issues that matter, it is – well, completely unsurprising after months of idiot sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton, that some are already choosing to attack her on issues such as “omg, mother of five! who’s going to stay home and look after her babies? what if she’s breastfeeding when America has a security issue?

But there is a legitimate question to be raised about Palin and her fifth child Trig.


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