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January 8, 2009

What will Bush do when he retires?

His daddy’s rich friends will buy him a company for him to be the Decider of. He will be a non-voting shareholder with a token post on the board, who sits in his office all day and drinks.

After early-onset Alzheimers (alcoholism is reckoned to be a contributory factor) sets in, he will believe he is still the President, and will be upset when he no longer has Secret Service agents guarding him.

He will choke to death on his own vomit some time in the 2020s, and receive a magnificent state funeral. Assuming that the Republicans are still a viable party then, all sorts of them will say how he was the best President since Lincoln. Everything that’s gone wrong in Iraq since 2003 will be blamed on the Iraqis or on President Obama.

Since the Secret Service will continue to defend him till 2019, none of this should be taken as so much as a wish that he will come to any harm. “Congress changed the law in the 1990s so that any president elected after Jan. 1, 1997, and his or her spouse will receive the federal protection for only 10 years.” cite (There should be a comma after spouse.)

Apparently, Bush intends to spend at least the first 4 years of his retirement fundraising for a planned $300 million “structure” at Southern Methodist University, to be named after him, which will include a library, museum and policy institute. Once he’s raised enough in private funds to pay for the construction, the National Archives and Records Administration will take over the operation of the library and museum at federal expense. It’s supposed to be finished by 2013.

At least that’s when Bush probably plans to spread a “Mission Accomplished” banner over the building site, declare that “major contruction is finished”, and go back to the office space acquired for him by the General Services Administration, which, under the Former Presidents Act, will pay for the office suite and staff to assist him for the rest of his life.


…but I have a tiny wish that he ends his days in a cell at the Hague trying to convince the judge that he’s mentally unfit to stand trial.

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  1. A few points to consider:

    First off, Bush’s decisions (and those of his cabinet members) hinged on data provided by intelligence and military. It’s not merely “the buck stops here”. Legal people call that “Joint and several liability”, I believe.

    Assuming any misrepresentation of WMDS, or terrorists went down, he’s party to it, yet so are his cabinet members, and so are the House and Senate–nearly all, excepting a few dozen Demos– who supported the IWE and entire process (inspections, sanctions, PatAct, FISA, etc.) would be as well.

    —Unfogged seems fairly rightist, except the token liberal rage. [deleted personal abuse] It’s like a mafia-lite chat room, seriously.

    –better trolling and even clever subversion than monotonic ideological enforcement, don’t you think? Ditto heads, whether republicans or reds, should offend us.

    –there are darker elements to that site. I won’t name names, but shall we say …Nabakovism. Connect the dots….


    Comment by Trollbot — January 8, 2009 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

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