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September 25, 2008

Snopes: still campaigning against Clinton

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On the Snopes page about the Clintons, there are two pages Hillary Clinton’s resume and Play by Play Analysis which are apparently incomplete.

What Snopes is famous for is taking circulating inbox fillers and debunking, rebutting, confirming, and analysing them. These pages, however, are listed as “undetermined”, and consist of nothing but inbox filler: Snopes has effectively republished politically-motivated attacks on Hillary Clinton on their own website, without any alterations.

I first reported this problem to Snopes back in February, but by April Snopes had still not responded. The page “Hillary Clinton’s Resume” has been added to since I reported it, but not with Snopesian analysis: just with added material from the attack e-mails.

As Avedon Carol noted in April, Snopes has

never been very quick to debunk lies against Democrats, particularly those named “Clinton”.

Their motivation for posting these circulating attacks on Clinton in February-March, and leaving them up till now, is fairly obvious: they were campaigning against Clinton, and didn’t care about maintaining the integrity of their website over their partisan political stance.

But Hillary Clinton has lost the primaries: the Democratic Convention is over: the US is heading into a campaign between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden: time for Snopes to quit campaigning against Hillary Clinton. If you would like to tell them so, their contact form is here.

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  1. Good American way to make a protest. Do not fraternize! Do not associate with anything to do with Snopes – Any chance we can yell foul! They have tight underwear over their “so called” partisan political stance. BS. The Snopes group protest too much….. In a very biased direction (Clinton) Sounds more like envy than hate.

    Comment by jdh — September 25, 2008 @ 3:27 pm | Reply

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