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May 3, 2008

Turn again, Boris, Dickhead of London

Nearly three years ago, when I was posting on Liberal Street Fighter, I did three posts in one day about the events of 7th July 2007, and a followup post the next day. (Hint: the post that refers to “my wife Hope” – is not me. I do not have a wife.)

It probably is time Ken Livingstone quit being Mayor of London, splendid though his record’s been: eight years is long enough.

Brian Paddick would have been a better choice, though. Anyone would have been a better choice than Boris Johnson. There’s a PDF here – a report from Compass – that shows the real Boris Johnson, not the clown who is quite funny on Have I Got News For You, not the floppy-haired buffoon, but the hard right-winger.

There’s a thumbnail sketch of his politics after the LJ-cut, but more to the point: Boris Johnson won the election as a George W. Bush clone – as a good bloke who means well and is a bit thick, does it matter? A lot of people also probably voted for him because they would have voted for any Tory: some may have voted for him because they’re homophobic (Brian Paddick is gay: Ken Livingstone is strongly supportive of equality for LGBT people).

Boris Johnson’s qualifications for being Mayor of London are his past experience being an MP and running a weekly magazine. Oh, and he does well on talk shows.

Ken Livingstone was a great Mayor. The best anyone can hope for Boris Johnson is that no disaster happens while he’s in office, and that he is not able to put his political goals into practice while running London.

International and overall politics
* Fanatical support for the Iraq war
* Supporting both the election of George W Bush in 2000 and his re-election in 2004
* Opposed the Kyoto treaty on climate change
* Is an evangelist for nuclear power – and opposes wind farms
* Is a fanatical Thatcherite
* Considers Liberal Democrats have ‘a characteristic human psychological deformity’

Economic Policies
* Opposed the introduction of the national minimum wage
* Opposition to full pension rights for part-time workers
* Believes trouble comes from ‘too zealous’ attempts to tackle inequality
* Calls for large scale sacking of public sector workers as good ‘for themselves’
* Defends privatisation of the railways

Social and Environmental Policies
* Attacks the welfare state as ‘excessive disbursements that warp honest people’
* Wants to introduce the private sector into the NHS and believes patients should pay more
* Is opposed to the Social Chapter of the EU and also against its provision on paternity leave
* Supports grammar schools and public schools
* Does not support affordable housing
* Opposition to the congestion charge
* Is in favour of not only fox but stag hunting
* Opposes the ban on smoking in restaurants and public places

Attitude to black people, women, gay rights, the Chinese and others
* Refers to black people as ‘picaninnies’ and ‘with watermelon smiles’
* Attitudes to the black community and calls the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry ‘Orwellian’
* Believes in South Africa there is the ‘majority tyranny of black rule.’
* On Africans and ‘instant carbohydrate gratification’
* Believes Chinese culture is merely imitative
* Sexism
* Labour’s ‘appalling agenda’ of ‘the teaching of homosexuality in schools’

Political morality
* Considers Edward Kennedy faced a dilemma on whether to ‘come clean’ on Chappaquiddick
* Supports Silvio Berlusconi

Other positions
* Opposes devolution for Scotland and Wales
* Insults New Guinea
* Insults Liverpool
* Insults Portsmouth
* Insults the Dutch
* Believes ‘former crypto communists’ run the BBC
* Is prepared to discuss how seriously a journalist should be beaten up and whether to supply his address


  1. this portrait is … eh…. enlightning.

    He is a man who has lost a number of jobs for lying: he was sacked from The Times for making up a quotation from his godfather, the Oxford historian Colin Lucas, and lost his front-bench role, under Michael Howard, for lying about his four-year extra-marital affair with his fellow toff journalist, Petronella Wyatt. (For men like Johnson, with friends in high places, serial sackings are no bar to advancement.)
    Although he is campaigning to run London, he admits to complete administrative incompetence: he left a job as a trainee management consultant complaining that he could not “stay conscious” when confronted with financial information. We should not be surprised, in that case, if he is unable to master the fine details of running one of the world’s most complex cities.

    Ah, well, fortunately it is not as if London will have a major project going on for the next 4 years… oh, wait…

    I’m off now, to support my (Londoner) SiL.

    Comment by dutchmarbel — May 3, 2008 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

  2. In most regards, it sounds like your new mayor (would that be Lord Mayor, or am I misinformed on that?) Boris Johnson is a fellow I could support! 🙂 Is it true that he might be challenging Prime Minister Brown?

    Comment by Dana — May 3, 2008 @ 8:36 pm | Reply

  3. […] the 3rd, thank you very much, Al Gore! — I clicked over to J’s site, and it seems that she’s somewhat displeased with the election results for mayor of London: It probably is time Ken Livingstone quit being Mayor of London, splendid though his record’s […]

    Pingback by Common Sense Political Thought » Archives » Can the Conservatives unseat labour in the UK? — May 3, 2008 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

  4. Marbel: Ah, well, fortunately it is not as if London will have a major project going on for the next 4 years… oh, wait…

    Yeah. Well, that puts paid to any idea that the 2012 Olympics are going to run smoothly, doesn’t it?

    Still, with any luck Johnson will be gone from office in May 2012, and won’t actually be Mayor when the Olympics take place. (Also, with any luck, he will at least leave the Olympics to a competent manager.)

    Dana: No, the position of Lord Mayor is different – the Lord Mayor is the chief officer of the City of London, which is now pretty much ceremonial position: whereas Ken Livingstone – and now, horrifyingly, Boris Johnson – was responsible for running one of the largest and most diverse cities in Europe.

    Boris Johnson is a fellow I could support!

    I doubt it, given that your standard is George W. Bush. You see, unlike Bush, Johnson has never committed a crime, and also unlike Bush, Johnson proved he could run at least a small enterprise (a weekly magazine) quite successfully. I’m afraid that you would find Johnson far too competent and too intelligent to meet your mindnumbing standards for President: also, Johnson has never deserted from the military, has never publicly condoned treason, and was never an alcoholic nor addicted to illegal drugs, all of which appear to be among your requirements for a candidate for high office. Though by normal standards Johnson is certainly unfit to be Mayor of London: but then by normal standards, Bush is fit only for a prison sentence.

    Comment by jesurgislac — May 3, 2008 @ 10:28 pm | Reply

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